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Cloud Technology

Secure cloud-based approach, backup and Office 365


Cyber security


Cyber security

24/7 protection from email phishing, malware and ransomware

Protect your data with full back-up and recovery

Hybrid and remote working

Ensure you have everything in the right place, at the right time

Modernise your business with the latest software-based technology

“I’ll make a cup of tea”

If you have users that put the kettle on while their computer starts, or when they log on, then you are leaking money.

Even a one-minute delay per employee, per day, equals time and money. That’s 20 minutes a month per person, which is 16 hours a month for a 50-user business.

Scale that up for all the delays they encounter every day, just five minutes per user in a 50-user business is 80 hours a month. That’s half a person lost.

So, just how much does that ‘person’ cost you and your business? Read our Insourcing vs Outsourcing whitepaper to see how using ILUX could help.

We help everyone. Who are you?

Business owners

Business owners are a special breed, and we know that. They want action and they want IT to work. Our unique approach supports you and your users.

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IT Professionals

With ILUX you feel you have a team right there with you to help you when you need it. You can focus on what you need to do; we do the rest.

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We support CEOs, CFOs and COOs in any size of organisation in realising their business goals, be it growth, resilience, or availability.

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